Future Real Estate Agents Have a Reason To Smile

RE/MAX a forerunner in realty sector providing management solutions for their Indian operations announced on Monday, May 3 that they are going to open an advanced Real Estate Management platform in the country. For this they have entered in partnership with Gryphtech a major provider of enterprise software applications, solutions and services.

The launch of this technology will change the working style of the real estate agents by making them more aware of the real estate network across a major part of world. Samir Chopra, Executive Director, RE/MAX India said that the real estate agents of future will be tech savvy, highly professional and growth oriented.

The Big Open House
Photo by cletch
The technology is developed keeping in mind the regional realty franchise networks and comprises of a series of sales and marketing, operational and recruitment, administrative tools to get best productivity, maximize growth of organisation and manage performance of the people working.

RE/MAX will further deploy the multi-lingual, multi site solution across its entire network in the coming 2 months.This platform will be kept open for every agent in the RE/MAX network covering 120 regions and 80 countries; they can help their clients in buying, selling or leasing properties.

Once  RE/MAX India solution is fully expanded, it can boast of:

  • A centralized regional website that will cover new real estate listings, an organizational profile and a section describing the benefits of joining RE/MAX India as a Franchisee or a Real Estate Agent.
  • iConnect – a secure platform module providing Agents and Offices with access to a complete set of tools for managing their day to day business.
  • iBroker – a feature rich office and agent management system allowing managers to establish unit goals, monitor performance, manage recruitment activities and report on their success.
  • iList – a comprehensive Listing Management, Buyer and Property match, Marketing, Referral and Contact Management tool.
  • iRegion – a mobile Business Intelligence application providing key metrics and dashboards for all the platform components.
  • Slingshot – a flexible Content Management solution providing intranet and website administrators with the ability to quickly update content.

Surely the realty sector professionals have reasons to cheer in the year ahead.

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