Ahmedabad Development Authority Raised FSI By 30%

Ahmedabad Development Authority (AUDA) recently announced its new Development plan. The new development plan by AUDA has raised the floor space index (FSI) by 30%.

Ahmedabad Development Authority; raising the floor space index last week, paved the way for more vertical real estate development. As per the new development plan, the FSI is raised by 30 % in the city. The newly revised FSI rate will be applicable in 68 villages of Ahmedabad.

Now the builders can dream of building taller buildings and sky scrapers. Permitting taller constructions in the city, Ahmedabad Development Authority announced its revision on the FSI rates in the city. The revised rate is meant to help the builders to build tall buildings so as to meet the surging demand for housing units.

The revised FSI in R-2 zones will be 1.8 as against the earlier ratio of 1.2. It is believed to bring about simultaneous changes in the General Development Control Regulations (GDCR) too. GDCR targets maximum transparency and standardization. At the same time, GDCR aims to safeguard least flexibility in interpretation.

Separate land parcels will be allocated for roads and infrastructure development.  The land for residential constructions and industrial areas also will be separated from agricultural fields. Ahmedabad Development Authority has banned the conversion of agricultural lands for other purposes. The new development plan will be applicable in all the above mentioned 68 villages in Ahmedabad.

FSI in the R-1 zone will be raised from existing 1.8 to 2.5. This will allow the builders to construct buildings up to 70m height (around 22 stories) as against the existing 40m height (almost 12 stories).

The FSI along the 132 ft. Ring Road corridor also is likely to be raised by the state government which already plans to raise the ratio in BRTS and Metro rail areas. Further the revised FSI is transferable; in the sense that there can be adjustments with the owner of the adjacent plot.

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