Aurangzeb Hero Arjun Kapoor Shifts To Gurgaon For A Week

Arjun Kapoor, who did a double role in Aurangzeb, has shifted to Gurgaon where he will stay for a week or two. This is part of his film’s promotion.

As part of the promotion of Aurangzeb, one of the latest Bollywood releases, Arjun Kapoor will live in Gurgaon the location of the film. Though this is part of the promotion, the actor will have to stay in this suburban city in the NCR for a week.

Earlier various actors had done similar things for the promotion of their movies. For the promotion of his film Delhi Belly, Imran Khan had lived in Delhi for a while, renting a flat.

Sonam Kapoor is another heroine who also has shifted from Mumbai to Delhi for a few couple of months. She stayed at her aunt’s home and not in any rented homes.

Moreover her shift was not any part of her films, but because most of her films were shot in Delhi. Thus to avoid travelling from Mumbai to Delhi so often, she decided to live in Delhi for a while. Unlike her stay, Arjun Kapoor is staying in the millennium city entirely for the promotion of Aurangzeb.

Aurangzeb speaks the story of real estate business in Gurgaon. This is the reason why the producers of the film thought to have a promotional event in Gurgaon, which has grown as one of the top real estate destinations in India.

The growth of power and real estate business in Gurgaon is the main thrust of the film. This is one of the first films shot outside in any of the big cities in India. However this shows how the NCR suburb has grown as one of the top cities.

While living in Gurgaon, Arjun Kapoor plans to spend his leisure watching movies. He will live like a Gurgaonite, eating and playing with them. He also plans to go to clubs with them in the city.

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