BMC Announces Increase in Water-Supply In Mumbai

In a move to take away the overburden from the shoulders of city residents, BMC has announced an increase in the water supply in the city. The BMC move may boost the construction sector.

Last year, builders had to cop up with the lack of water for construction purposes. This year the builders expect that the situation will be better for them as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced an increase in the water supply.

The news is good not only for the residents and city dwellers that were running from post to pillar for gaining more water supplies. They were facing acute water shortage in the last years.

BMC- also known as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai will this year increase water supply from 90 liters per head per day of the last year to 135 liters per head per day. From October 1, people will be getting the new increased amount of water supply.

Though BMC had announced an increase in the last year too, the Authority could not find sufficient water for the supply due to lack of proper rain.

Though the increase is mainly meant for the residents, it will help the builders as well. They will be able to use some more water to their construction purposes.

Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI) Chief Mr. Paras Gundecha said the residents of the city who struggle with water-shortage will be glad to hear this news. He added that the people know the shortage of water, yet they are forced to complain about it as it is a basic necessity.

Last year’s inadequate rain had drained the Middle Vaitarna Dam leaving BMC with no water for supply. This year anyway BMC plans to collect and supply necessary water.

However as a first step to save the supply water; BMC will have to either repair or replace all leaking pipelines which causes the loss of water highly. Just by saving the supply water alone, BMC can provide more water to the residents in the city.

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