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Indian real estate sector is going through a big slump. Not only Indian but real estate sectors around the world are facing slump. Property dealers are registering big losses. Biggest example of loss in real estate sector is DLF Group whose share prices have gone down up to 76% on BSE. Because of slump real estate developers are not getting customers for their properties which they have already developed.

So to lure customers they are using various techniques. To attract customers in real estate sector requires great offers from property dealers. And real estate dealers are giving those offers to buyers. Recent case of great real estate offer is in Noida. In Noida, one real estate group is giving free BMW car to customers who buy its luxurious flats in Greater Noida Golf Course Complex. Not only you will get free BMW, you will also get free membership to Golf course and social club along with 2 free car parkings there.

These luxury flats are specially built flats for Indian riches. Flats have been developed keeping in mind CEOs and MDs of big MNCs . The price for these flats ranges from Rs. 3 crore to Rs. 4.50 crore. But there are few requirements to be completed before you get free BMW when you buy flat in Greater Noida. Customer will be asked to pay 40% of the amount to free BMW offer from Noida’s real estate developer. And only those who apply under this scheme will avail this real estate offer. And if you cancel the flat booking after you get free BMW, price of BMW will be taken from your advanced payment and leftover will be given back to you.

So the thing is sure. This is a mean to attract real estate customers at the time when whole real estate sector around the world is going through a big slump.


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    You must have noticed the various kinds of discounts that many developers are offering to persuade buyers. Most of them are just marketing gimmicks. In actual there is no reduction in the real value of the flat. There may be various expenses that the buyer is forced to incur during the possession of such discounted properties.No Developer offers discount below the base cost, which includes the cost of land and construction. However, developers do offer value-additions and incentives to prospective buyers to speed up the willingness to buy. When looked at closely, these incentives do not have any significant monetary value. It’s observed in a falling real estate market, small developers start with such practices before going for distress sale. It’s also noticed that most of these practices are adopted by Dubai-based developers. For luxury apartments in the Middle East, developers tie up with car companies or offer other such discounts. Most of the products bundled with the house are either phased out or in the process being phased out.Such offers are from smaller realtors only. The bigger ones have sufficient holding power to await the natural progression of the property cycle.According to me a simple rate cut, perhaps, makes more sense than goodies.For more view-

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    real estate tips

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    Nice info of Indian Realty Wakes Up To The US Meltdown. Indian real estate sector is going through a big slump.

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