DDA flats remain incomplete, flat owners protest

Displaying higher anger towards Delhi Development Authority (DDA) which failed to complete flats in Mukherjee Nagar, the residents conducted a protest recently.

Those who reside in DDA flats in Mukherjee Nagar face an unconditional living condition. Most of the residents have alleged the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for not completing the flats.

Many of the residents are still living in incomplete flats, despite the fact that they have already paid the full amount to the development authority. Their flats are not in a good or healthy condition suitable for living.

Living under such mean situations for a quite long time has really infuriated many of them. Though they have complained to the authority many at times about the unhealthy condition they are forced to live in, the authority officials have neither heard their pleas nor have done anything to improve their situations.

Finally the residents had to conduct a protest against the DDA to drag their attention to the unhealthy and unhygienic conditions they are living in. Flat owners’ protest was calmed only when some senior DDA officials came and promised completion of DDA flats soon.

Residents complain that the area has become a breeding ground for mosquitos. The residents find no place to excrete than the open space. With all these the area has become all the more dirty and unhygienic.

The DDA flats in Mukherjee Nagar were developed under the housing scheme 2010 of DDA. However the flats still remain incomplete. A resident said that most of them were forced to move to these incomplete flats due to the fact that they were not capable of bearing the burden of both EMI and the rentals.

They found it difficult to make the ends meet as they had to pay the EMI from one side and rentals on the other side. Residents alleged that they have been running from pillar to post with their pleas yet these pleas have been falling into the deaf ears of DDA.

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