HDFC Funds Look At Troubled Realty Projects

Chairman Deepak Parekh said that the property funds of Housing Development Finance Corp (HDFC) and its asset management unit have more than $1 billion of available funding and will look to buy distressed real estate projects.

The funds are yet to buy any projects, but he said there could be opportunities within six months if the current downturn in the realty sector continued.

Parekh said, “I would like to see both my funds, the international and the domestic fund, play a much greater role in takeovers and buyouts of real estate projects which are facing difficulty”.

He said that India’s top mortgage lender, in which Citigroup holds a stake of about 12%, has an $800 million property fund that was raised overseas, and only a third of it is committed.

Parekh said that its asset management unit raised almost Rs 4,000 crore ($900 million) under its real estate portfolio management services business last financial year and has invested only Rs 300 crore.

Parekh said, “I expect that some of the developers who have bought land at exorbitant prices will not have the wherewithal to complete the development”. Further he said, “We will function like an asset reconstruction fund”.

After five years of boom, real estate firms are battling tepid sales and a cash crunch, with buyers scared away by rising interest rates and some signs of softening in property prices.

He said that a lot of developers flush with funds from the realty boom picked up land without setting aside enough for building the property, as they tended to fund developments out of customer bookings. But now the cycle had been broken.

Parekh said, “For the last 30 years we have been dealing with these builders in good times as well as bad times. We have had times when interest rates were 18% to 18.5%. We still survived and we still supported developers”.

“It is not the end of the world if prices come down 20% or 25%”.

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