High Rises To Offer New Skyline To Bangalore

Residential market in Bangalore is all set to see the rising demand for high rises. The developers are coming up with various high rises projects as well.

Though high rises have become common in Mumbai and other top-cities, where the land scarcity is severe, Bangalore was not having many high rises, especially because the city did not lack space for residential development.

The situation is changing. Now builders are coming up with various high rise apartment projects.

Among the upcoming high rises, DSK Pinnacle by Mantri realty, Equinox Water’s Edge and Sobha Indraprastha are some of the top ones.

Mantri DSK Pinnacle is a 46 storied project. Probably this has the highest number of floors in Bangalore. Yet, in comparison to Mumbai, where 60 storied projects are common, this project is not anything higher.

There are five blocks, each having 40 floors, in Equinox Water’s Edge. Hebbal’s Nagavara Lake –facing project offers the residents a scenic beauty that is absolutely marvelous.

Though only 37 floors are in Sobha Indraprastha, this project also is included among the high rises. The top two floors are completely dedicated to the club and terrace pool facilities.

All these projects show that the housing tendency in Bangalore is undergoing vast changes. If earlier, the housing projects were built up to 15 floors maximum, now it has gone three times larger.

Property experts say that the demand for high rises is to rise in the coming years. The builders are looking for ways to cash in this upcoming trend for high rise apartments.

As the sky-views remain marvelous, the prices too go higher according to the height of the flat. If the lower floors are highly demanded in normal projects, the top floors are highly demanded in high rise apartment projects.

Most of these projects are costlier than others. The prices, starting at Rs.2 Cr, go upward up to many crores, according to the facilities and amenities.

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