HUDA Postpones Plot Allotment in Gurgaon

Leaving the proposed buyers to greater anguish and distress, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) postponed the plot allotment in Gurgaon.

The buyers’ wait gets longer and longer and there appears no end for the wait as Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has postponed the plot allotment for an indefinite period.

HUDA has not announced the new date on which it would allot the residential plots to the owners in Gurgaon. Though the buyers blame the development authority for postponing the plot allotment, they postponed the allotment only because the act was stayed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The owners were expecting to start construction in their plots as HUDA was about to allot the land to the owners. All the preparations had been done and the Development Authority was expected to allot the land last week.

The issue reached the HC through a land owner filing petition against the HUDA. He claimed that he was eligible for the plot, yet his name was excluded from the list.

Studying the case and the petition the HC ordered HUDA to postpone all plot allotment; nearly 700 residential plots were expected to be allotted, for a while till further order. Now the authority will have to wait till the HC finishes the inquiry and study the case.

Plot owners have been eagerly waiting for the land allotment for beginning of their construction. As the authority has postponed the allotment, their wait will get longer and they may have to wait for another good period of time to attain the allotment.

A land owner with broken heart blamed HUDA for not solving the issue prior to the allotment. In strong words he criticized HUDA for the postponement.

However an official in the Authority said that the plan of HUDA was to distribute the land which was not under legal crises. Those land parcels which are cleared of all legal disputes would be cleared by the Authority. The official added that they expected to allot the land to the owners so that they could soon start the construction in their sites.

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