HUDA takes away time limit on plot construction

Providing sufficient time to the allottees to construct homes in the allotted residential plots, HUDA has taken away the time limit for minimum construction on the allotted plots.

Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has decided to take away the deadline for completing the minimum construction in the given residential and commercial plots.

As per the existing rules, the allottees are to complete the minimum construction before two years since the possession date. This will be no more applicable. The allottees will have freedom to construct buildings according to his financial stability.

Commenting on the new development, a spokesperson of HUDA said that the deadline for construction stands null and void. This will be no more applicable in the city.

After the expiry period of 12 years, the HUDA spokesperson adds, the allottees will be able to extend the period by paying a fee for it. However the extension fee will be double the size of the previous years.

Plot sizes up to 100 sq. m. are exempted from this extension fees. The rates of extension for such smaller plots, however, will be according to the rates set by the Authority.

Any alter in the rates by the Authority will have an equivalent alter in the extension rates of such plots. It means that the rates will go up in the case if the Authority raises the rates and the rates will fall if the Authority rates are lowered.

The extension rates are different for both commercial and residential plots. Extension rates for commercial plots will be double or triple the size of extension rates for residential plots.

A 50% rebate in extension fee will be granted to the allottees that are defense personnel or paramilitary forces. If the allottees are women or widows, then also the rebate will be given.

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