India Top Destination for Retail World

In a fresh survey, three hundred global retailers, representing a global portfolio of around twenty five thousand stores, who are looking to expand outside their domestic markets, have recognized India as the most sought-after retail destination..
The survey was conducted by London-based C B Richard Ellis, a leading real estate services firm, to get latest insight into retailer attitudes towards the world’s emerging retail destinations.
The report suggest that forty percent of the surveyed retailers believe emerging markets to provide their main source of growth over the coming five years. India is considered particularly attractive due to the size of its market compared to its low presence of international retailers.
‘With foreign rights rules being gradually relaxed, foreign investment is also now probable allowing single-brand retailers to own up to 51% of their India operations,’ notes the report.
Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia and Turkey followed India in this ranking. 27% of the surveyed retailers opened their first store in India last year or are planning to do so soon.
Neighboring China and Pakistan were ranked 8th (11%) and 11th (6%) on the list.

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  1. Real Estate India
    Posted April 16, 2008 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    India is indeed emerging as a major retail destination, this is due to its new found capability to spend and the will to earn.As the population rises ,and in order for the gap between supply and demand to be maintained in the process , retail trends need to get organized.

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