Info Park Project In Cochin

Brigade Enterprises, a Bangalore based real estate developer has bagged 5 acres in Kochi to develop IT SEZ space. The Info Park Kochi is the IT Park developed by the Government of Kerala.

Mr. M R Jaishankar, Chairman & Managing Director, Brigade Group, said, “We are glad to announce that we bagged the Info Park Project, our first commercial project in Cochin. The work on the project would start in a couple of months and will be completed three years thereafter. The built up area is likely to be around 6,00,000 sq ft of IT space which will be co-developed with Info Park Kochi”.

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  1. galicula
    Posted July 6, 2008 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    I am an NRI from Australia with long and regular connection with India, UK and Australia.

    I have seen the rise and fall of Australian & UK real estate cycle twice.

    Those cycles have/had the same characteristic as what is happening in India (Except India is more aggressive)

    Both equity and real estate Cycle in Australia is about a 7-8 year cycle.
    India seems to have longer Cycle 10-12 year.

    As an economist and a property owner in India and abroad – all I can say is what is happening in India is extreme greed and speculation – This illogical and unsustainable.

    I love to see my property value go up but in a sustainable level and in tandem with macro economy.

    I have seen dealers entering in to AGREMENT OF SALE and then trading it to third party for a huge profit.

    POWER OF ATTORNEY DEALS are often used by these traders as well.

    I have seen uneducated brokers/dealers earning up to one crore in 1 year by SWITCHING couple of properties.

    I haven’t seen any market in the world that is so untransparent.


    I was quoted 1C for a property in Chennai in Dec07 and again the same property (Unsold) in March 08 was quoted 1.3C and now in June the same property (Unsold) he is quoting 1.5C in June 08

    The vendor has not sold the property in the past 6-8 months how ever he did not fail to increase the asking price by about 30% every 3 Months

    As a owner of properties in India, I am saying it is not sustainable.

    One buy great Properties In SYDNEY and MELBOURNE cheaper than Indian cities(5 metros),Sydney and Melbourne’s average Income of a Clark, Cook or a taxi driver is about 25 Lacs p/a and a average 2BR flat with 10 -15 Kms to the CBD is about Rs90 lacs.

    Greed and speculation will end in pain and COMMONSENCE WILL PREVAIL.

    If not 1997 EastAsian economic crisis (Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia etc) will be repeted in India with a devaluation of rupee followed by inflation linked economic meltdown which would take 10 years to get back on feet.

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