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Ian Hendersen, Chairman, Ishaan Real Estate, said, “Investment in the initial portfolio of assets is being completed, largely according to a plan, and the increased net asset value replicates the strong demand for our properties and the huge potential of the Indian property market”. IRE is the holding company of K Raheja Corp floated in order to generate money from overseas markets. IRE leverages the multi-decade experience of the K Raheja Corp. in the Indian real estate sector.
IRE, a real estate fund listed on LSE’s Alternative Investment Market, invested two hundred fifty one million dollars in K Raheja Corp.’s various projects placed in western and southern India. IRE holds forty percent stake in each of Raheja’s eight projects comprising shopping malls, IT parks, and residential projects. The Raheja Group at present has development plans for their residential, IT park projects and SEZs. Apart from that, the company has major expansion plans for Globus stores, one of their retail ventures. They will be spreading to all parts of the country, and have one hundred fifty-two stores by the year 2012, which will need an investment of nearly two hundred million dollars.

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    The world is now looking at India as the nation of the future. More significantly, India is well on its way to emerging as a first-world economy in the fields of information technology (IT), biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the automotive sector, pushing the thrust now on to the retail sector to facilitate the creation of a new surging modern India. The real estate boom in India will not only propel the economy to sustainable heights, but will also generate employment for several millions. It is strongly expected that the growing Indian economy and growing opportunities will ensure that the foundation is laid for India’s tryst with destiny and for it to be fully integrated into the world economy.For more view-

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