Land Prices Skyrocket In Howrah, Hooghly

KOLKATA: Land prices have skyrocketed on Kona Expressway and stretches of National Highway-2 and National Highway-6. Call it the Singur ripple effect or impact of other projects like the DLF township project in Dankuni and logistic hub on Kona Expressway, land prices have risen at least six fold in the past four years.

Many brokers had even purchased land in the area hoping for the price to shoot up further. An acre of land which cost Rs 24 lakh even five years ago, fetches around Rs 2 crore today.

Property prices have shot up even further on Kona Expressway that serves as a gateway to Singur from Kolkata. Even in 2001, the price per acre there stood at Rs 12 lakh per acre.

“With projects like the Tata Motors small car plant in Singur, the DLF township in Dankuni, Kolkata West International City and the logistic hub on Kona Expressway coming up, it is obvious that property prices would soar. But the delay in these projects and the Singur stalemate are a matter of concern for many,” said Ram Ratan Chowdhury, managing director of Panchadeep Constructions Ltd (PCL). He has been a pioneer in bringing mega projects to Howrah.

If poor infrastructure and lack of development held back real estate prices on the western front of the Hooghly even a few years ago, the upcoming projects are changing the industrial landscape in the Howrah-Hooghly belt, thus pushing up property prices.

Less commuting time, excellent connectivity and ventures by big houses like the Tatas, DLF and the Salim-Ciputra group have made realtors make a beeline for land in the area. The Singur plant is just around 10 kilometre from the point where the Kona Expressway meets NH-6 and NH-2.

Real estate developers and brokers, who have invested in the stretch, are keeping their fingers crossed. For, they feel that the growth of price in real estate will be at a much slower pace if the Tata project shifts from Singur to an alternative location.

“The price of real estate does not change overnight, though there will be an impact on the price of land in that belt in case the Tatas leave. We hope that the Singur stalemate will be solved in a week or so at the most. If the Tatas stay, the price of land is bound to shoot up. Even if they leave, real estate prices will still go up but at a slower pace and rate,” said real estate developer Sumit Dabriwala, managing director of Riverbank Holdings Private Ltd.

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    The real-estate market in Kolkata has been largely unaffected by the soaring inflation and the US economic crisis. While the sales and price figures in other metros and cities have shown signs of cooling down, the prices in Kolkata have increased by 7-10 per cent over the last four months. The city has managed to avoid a crisis because prices here had never reached ‘unrealistic’ proportions. Kolkata’s real-estate market is also relatively stabilized since the number of speculative investors here is much less compared with end-users.For more view-

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