Mumbai Should Review FSI Policy: Recommends Maken

Union housing and poverty alleviation minister Mr. Ajay Maken recommended that Mumbai must review the existing FSI policy so as to make sure that the city is meeting the increasing housing demand.

Mumbai has been one of the major cities in India where the housing demand has seen no boundaries and limits. Despite all the tremendous efforts by the builders, the city still has many homeless millions. Viewing their plea and struggle to attain a home in the city, Union housing and poverty alleviation minister (MHUPA) Mr. Ajay Maken recommended the Mumbai Development Authority to consider reviewing the floor space index in the city.

Once the FSI is increased in the city, the city will have many thousands of taller residential apartments. Comparatively vertical developments are less costly as the prices of land can be well-deducted from the total cost of project. This will enable the builders to provide better homes at lower prices.

Mr. Maken opined that it is necessary for Mumbai to review the FSI policy so as to assure that more affordable homes are built. However the union housing minister added that not only Mumbai but all the major cities should review their FSI policy in their cities.

If the FSI rates are reviewed, then each major city will have more number of skyscrapers in future. This will in fact give a new skyline to big cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and all the other cities of the like.

Mr. Maken has stated that the revising of FSI is a matter of state interest and so only states can decide on the issue. However he added that his recommendation will be considered by the Authorities of all major cities.

Raising of FSI has been demanded by the builders earlier as it would enable them to develop low cost housing units. Vertical development will be possible only when the FSI is increased. There has been a great demand for affordable housing units by the people who live in the urban areas.

Union housing minister recommended while he was addressing a meeting titled ‘Challenges in Megacity governance’, by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

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