Property Dispute Takes the Life of Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Developer Pony Chadha lost his life while trying to sort out his dispute over property. His brother Hardeep also was killed by the security persons of Mr. Chadha.

Police Sources exposed the existed- property- dispute as the main reason which led to the murders of real estate developers. Nearly 15 people have been arrested by the police. Most of the arrested are from the security personnel. The detained are questioned at Mehrauli police station where they are kept under custody.

The incident happened at Mehrauli farmhouse on Saturday morning. According to the available sources the meeting was arranged to solve their dispute over real estate property.

The meeting turned violent within a few minutes of its beginning. Sources reveal that it was the younger one who shot first. Once he shot the gunmen of Pony Chadha too started firing. As an outcome meeting which desired peace became a cause for greater grief.

Reports say that both Chadha brothers were followed by nearly 30 to 40 people. Nearly 12 bullets were taken out from Mr Chadha’s body. Four bullets took the life of Hardeep as well.

Narender, one of the security personnel of Mr. Chadha also was wounded in the incident. Later he had undergone a severe surgical procedure in hospital.

Very similarly a case was reported in the Moradabad police station too. It was on October 5 on which another incident of firing occurred in his residence at Moradabad in UP.

As per the police revealing the police was informed by a call from the premises. It was about 1 O’clock in the afternoon.

Chadha had ruled the liquor business in entire Uttar Pradesh. Besides real estate and liquor, his multi- oriented business spread over to film production and distribution, sugar business and so on.

He was granted monopoly in liquor distribution by the Mayawati government. He has also produced a Bollywood movie ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’ which is starred by Sunny Deol.

His real estate construction company Chadha Group now renamed ‘Wave Infratech’ had delivered some magnificent residential and commercial buildings. Wave City Center, a real estate township project, is the latest of all.

The Wave group owns many multiplexes – Wave Cinemas in the entire NCR and New Delhi. The Wave group has shopping malls in Tier II cities like Kaushambi, Moradabad, Lucknow and Ludhiana.

Mr. Chadha is believed to have stronger political holds which really fostered all his business entities especially his liquor business. He was very close to Samajwadi Party and so with Mayawati’s Government.

All his business entities grew miraculously as a result of his stronger political influence. His sugar mills are alleged of gaining illegal support from the UP state government.

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