Real Estate Builders Exploit Migrant Laborers in Noida

Real estate builders raise higher demand for laborers. The shortage of real estate laborers forced Real estate builders to appoint migrant laborers for accomplishing their projects.

Real estate developers point to the shortage of real estate laborers as the main reason for their delayed projects. Real estate sector is the second best employment -provider in India. It stands very close to Information Technology, the top employer sector.

Available reports allege that the real estate developers (some of them) persuade the poor real estate laborers by providing them cash advances. Many of the laborers are persuaded in this way.

Noida has largest number of migrant workers in UP. Higher possibility of gaining a job in the real estate sector in Noida causes migrant laborers to flow in good numbers. Yet the bad impact of this higher flow of workers, they are doomed to live a life without even the basic requirements. Some are said to resort to crime.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) reported that UP stands on the top list with maximum number of bonded- labor cases. The Labor department also sounded similar. It disclosed that migrant real estate laborers are extremely exploited. Further they are inclined to debt as well.

Despite the Bonded labor abolition Act in 1976, the existence of bonded- labor is easily visible in India. Though there are few such reported cases, the vast number of migrant laborers living in extreme poverty is a sign to this.

Intermediaries play a great role in bringing Migrant Laborers to the site. In most cases advance- payment is done to assure the service of these migrant laborers. This should be considered as a bonded –labor.

According to Sociologist Surinder S Jodhka this forms a new relationship rooted on “dependency.” He stated that these are nothing different from bonded labor.

These migrant workers are further doomed to lead a wretched life in entirely unhealthy conditions. Most often they are forced to live in so called “urban villages” created by the real estate developers.

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