Sagarika Ghatge Moves Legally Against A Developing Firm

Sagarika Ghatge, the Bollywood Actress who shot to fame with Chak De! India, has recently filed a case against a real estate firm which has been using her snaps for the promotion of their projects.

Endorsement is never a new thing for the Bollywood actors and actresses. Like many others like Karishma Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Shahrukh Khan and so on, Sagarika Ghatge too had signed a contract of endorsement with a real estate firm.

Without any doubt, endorsement remains one of the main sources of income for them. On the other end, the developers are marketing their projects, using the popularity of these stars.

It was almost four years back that Sagarika Ghatge signed the endorsement deal, which came to an end by the mid of 2011.

Though the endorsement deal came to an end, the realty firm continued to use her photos for advertising their projects. Seeing this, the Bollywood Actress decided to sort the issue amiably.

Regarding this, though she sent many notices to the realty firm, she received no response. Thus she finally decided to file a case against the firm.

Commenting on the issue, Sagarika Ghatge said that on her absence her manager will handle the case. She is now away from Mumbai, with some Bollywood projects.

Though she had appeared in a good number of films, Chak De! India remains her top hit. She was well-applauded for her performance in the film as a member in the Indian women hockey team.

‘Miley Naa Miley Hum’ is another Bollywood movie of Sagarika. Still she is best known for her role as Preeti Sabarwal in Chak De! India.

Speaking about the case, she said that the case will be handled by her manager. She might be hoping that she gets the endorsement again from the same firm. Why leave any stone unturned?

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