Sarda Group Enters Facility Management

The Rs 2,000-crore Sarda Group has taken over asset and facility management brand Talbot and Company in India at an undisclosed sum foraying into the real estate management segment.

Sarda Group Chairman Ghanshyam Sarda said, “We have acquired Talbot and Company which has roots in UK and this acquisition will help us to get headway in facility management services”.

He said, “We have to streamline Talbot’s services in keeping with current trends of globalization. The solutions we offer shall be tailored to meet specific requirements. Talbot will be providing a complete range of commercial real estate services including leasing, acquisition and facility management”.

At present, Talbot and Co has operates in Kolkata with employing about 50-60 people without any property. The Talbot brand is used in several countries, but managed under separate management.

He said the company would expand manpower to 1,000 and the annual turnover of Rs 300 crore in the next three to four years.

Sarda Group has interests in jute mills, chemical and IT business in USA. The IT company is primarily focused on marine software solutions to major liners.

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    Life is easy — when you have someone else do the cleaning up. “In commercial real estate, this aspect has garnered support in the last decade with the thought process: let the organization concentrate on its core business, and let someone else deal with day to day management of the premises. From just commercial properties to high-end residential, it was an obvious evolution. As ‘outsourced services’ become an integral part of the Indian Corporate lexicon, Facility Management has come in and occupied an important space. The role of facility management is ensuring that everything is available and operating properly for building occupants to do their work. The facility manager generally has the influence upon the quality of life within a facility. This business sector has matured considerably now from the earlier days, when facility management was little more than simple manpower supply. It now offers various value-added services, uses advanced levels of technology and offers many cost-saving measures such as energy conservation. Facility management companies now focus on being single-source solution providers to every requirement.For more view-

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