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Government tries to make home affordable

PropertywalaThe government announced for lower cost housing are expected to have a significant impact on the affordability of such homes, and encourage developers to get into the segment. As per the government’s announcement, the value of the house that’s eligible for such subsidy can go up to twenty lakh rupees, but the subsidy will be […]

Many Projects Hanging Fire

Projects worth millions are running on slow pace. As many as three major projects, including that of Chandigarh initial master plan are still in the drawing board. An 11-storied building, as envisaged by Le Corbusier, a multi-crore multimedia city and the only theme park from Turner International in the country are some of the prime […]

Predicted Features Of The Budget

The key feature of this budget is that this is the last budget to be presented by the present government before it faces the general elections next year. For that reason, it will be targeted at getting votes. This means that it could well be a populist budget with pay-off for voters in terms of lesser […]