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Delayed Projects affect NCR residential market

One of the main problems which NCR Residential Market is facing now is delayed projects. Delayed projects drive away the demand for housing units in the capital. The buyers’ sentiments are really hurt by the delayed projects. This is, thus, one of the main reasons which have affected the housing demand in Delhi-NCR.

Noida & Gr. Noida Authorities warn default builders

Asking the default builders to pay the due amount, Noida and Greater Noida development authorities have warned them. This action of the authorities will affect the flat buyers. Those who have booked flats and are waiting for their flats to be ready are now highly worried over the nature of the builders. If you have […]

Many Developers Are Default Payers: Say Noida Authority

A recent inquiry by the Noida Authority revealed that many of the developers in the city do not pay the amount to the Authority. According to the Authority nearly 50 developers are default payers. Estimating the amount Noida Authority loses due to the default payment of the builders, the Authority officials might have become giddy. Recent excavation […]

Noida Authority Released Govt.’s 90 Acres from Intruders

The Noida Authority, in its furious action against land intruders, recaptured nearly 90 acres of government land. In a highly furious action against the land intruders, Noida Authority finally recaptured its land worth Rs.10,000 Cr. Nearly 90 acres of land was freed from the land intruders. The growing importance of Noida real estate market has […]

Real Estate Builders Exploit Migrant Laborers in Noida

Real estate builders raise higher demand for laborers. The shortage of real estate laborers forced Real estate builders to appoint migrant laborers for accomplishing their projects. Real estate developers point to the shortage of real estate laborers as the main reason for their delayed projects. Real estate sector is the second best employment -provider in […]