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Real estate- The hottest destination

Kolkata Properties - Real Estate India Real estate sector is always seen as backbone of Indian economy. This sector was ignored by investors for a long time. But now a days, it is the most favorable investment option in India. The popularity of real estate in India can be determined from the fact that to buy a piece of land in the metropolitan requires a person to pay a huge amount. Most of the real estate developers have now shifted their focus on 3-tier cities. Various developers are now investing huge amount of money to buy the large pieces of land.
It is quite clear that not only the metropolitan cities but 2-tier and 3-tier cities are also wooing investors. Another symbol of this real estate boom in India can be seen with the emergence of shopping malls. Investors are also showing interest in malls in lucknow and haryana kind of cities.
The charm of real estate has drawn unwanted attention of mafia and gangster in the field. Therefore, government has made changes in investment laws for real estate.