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Property Sales Steep Downward, Liases Foras

Liases Foras reported that property sales across the country have fallen down. Analyzing the realty market of all major cities, real estate market research firm Liases Foras reported that the property sales have fallen sharply.

Mumbai & Bangalore See Improved Home Sales

During the period from January to March, home sales improved in Mumbai and Bangalore. Meanwhile the home sales dropped in Gurgaon. Mumbai and Bangalore saw home sales improving while Gurgaon faced a fall in the home sales.

Rentals of High End Villas Decline in Bangalore

Rentals of high end villas decline in Bangalore. The increased number of villa projects is said to be a reason for this decline in the rentals of high end villas. High end villas always remained as one of the best options to lead an independent life. Though costlier than almost all other forms of residential […]