Vastu based construction for prosperity

Vastu is the antique Indian science of constructions which state how finest the environmental energy can be used to benefit the inhabitants. The size of the buildings including its length, breadth and height and the shape of building are very important in Vastu based positioning.


Some common points:
Indian Vastu-shastra as well as its Chinese counter part Feng-Shui recognizes the South West corner as the most important part in building designing. It should never be free or with lesser weight. There should never be any water bodies like well, tank and sump in that area.
A depth in South West corner of the land will lead to financial difficulties and excessive expenditure.
A projection in any form such as verandah, rooms, car porch, toilet, chimney the South side of the building will lead to financial problems and mental turbulences.

Location of Kitchen:
South East is the place of fire (Agni corner) and is the most suitable for kitchen. The chimney/stove shall be located in such a way that the person cooking is facing either East or North direction.

Location of Bedrooms:
The perfect postion for the master bedroom is the South-West. The bed shall be placed to ensure that the head is always towards South or East and that the cot is never across a door opening. A door opening across the bed position will lead to joint pains and arthritic difficulties. The next bed room can be on the western side or Southern side. Nevertheless, a bed room is not advisable on South East corner.

Significance of Measurements
Measurements of the building and the rooms therein are as significant as the positioning. Accurate measurements will make sure synchronized air flow in the rooms and help amplify the positive energy therein. The rooms with rectangle shapes are much better than the rooms with square shape. As far as the shape of the building is concerned one has to be very careful.

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