Developers Rooting For NRIs Seeking To Come Back Home

Higher rate of returns in real estate investments in India, projects that comply with international standards, greater affordability, apart from emotional reasons like ‘owning a piece of homeland’ were driving the NRI segment growth in the real estate sector in the India.

“Ma, is Chennai like New Jersey”, asks a little toddler in a catchy overseas promotional advertisement campaign launched by a leading real estate brand in India.

The campaign reflects the current market trend among developers to come up with special overseas promotional campaign aimed at targeting the NRI segment that were keen in ensuring that they invested in homes, that were close in design and amenities to those that they lived abroad.

Today with more and more Indians looking at returning home and relocating themselves given better employment opportunities in India, NRIs are now looking at investing in the real estate in the country with a view to make India their future homes.

Those who were making the transition from overseas to India, want to ensure that the transition is smooth, especially for their children, many of whom India would be a new living experience.

A lifestyle match is what these people are looking for when investing in property here.

While some preferred contemporary designs, others were searching for homes that were nostalgic and brought back memories of childhood or times spent in courtyard of a village, where just-rolled out papads lay toasting in the sun, or those ethnic porches where the family sat together enjoying the little ones tumble and roll at play.

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