European Real Estate Giants enter India

Yoo by Strack is now ready to enter in Indian real estate market. The company is coming here with a huge residential project worth one thousand five hundred crore in Pune. The local partner of the company will be panchshill realty. The project will cover over 21 acres of lands and in the first phase Project will have six 30 stories towers.

Company is also thinking to keep eye in major Indian metro cities like Delhi, Goa, Bangalore etc with an approx investment of one thousand eight hundred crores in next four to five years.The chairman of the company announced it in press conference on Thursday in pune. The brand name “Yoo by Strack” is already working in twenty one countries all over the world. The company is currently involved in 41 projects around the world with an investment of Rs 40,000 crore.

Since India and China are leading real estate market in the world, there are bright chances for investment, thinks John Hitchcox chairman of Yoo by Strack. Also in India the concept of Branded home is fairly popular, for the same reason therefore,the company is interested in investing in the Realty Sector.

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