Green Norms to Become Mandatory For Plot Development

The government has decided to make green norms mandatory. Under the new rule the plot owners will have to follow the green norms while developing buildings in their residential plots.

NEW DELHI: The proposed amendment to the Master Plan 2021 will make green norms mandatory for construction of homes in the acquired plots. However the green norms will be applicable only for the plots above 3000 sq. meter. It means that the green norms will not be applicable to smaller plots.

Master Plan 2021 does not include any provision for making green norms mandatory. However this will be changed with the new regulations.

Some recent studies have reported that the green buildings are the sole idea to meet the power shortage. As green buildings are consuming less power and water, they will help India to face power shortage and water shortage.

This might be the fact which prompted DDA to bring an amendment in the existing Master Plan 2021. Besides, the authority is expected to impose penalty on those who violate the green norms.

Meanwhile DDA is not in favor of raising FAR. The civic body has discarded the idea to raise FAR by 5%.

The suggestion came up during the meeting of advisory group. The meeting has suggested the developers to follow green norms and develop more eco-friendly homes which consume less power or energy and water.

Normally green buildings are rated on the basis of its power and water consumption. Waste generation, waste water recycling, etc. are also measured. The recycled water could be used for either gardening or for washing the vehicles.

The modification to the master plan includes rain water harvesting system which will keep up the level of ground water.

Some sources have reported that the solar power system will be provided for those buildings with roof area of over 300 sq. m.

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