Real Estate Transparency Of India And China

India and China have significantly improved their levels of real estate transparency, an indicator of real supply and demand in the sector, over the last two years.

According to real estate transparency index complied by professional services firm specializing in real estate, Jones Lang LaSalle, the biggest improvers in Asia Pacific are India, China and Vietnam.

The index, which provides a framework for comparing the level of real estate transparency in eighty-two markets around the world, shows that nearly half of the countries surveyed in 2006 demonstrated a significant improvement in their transparency score two years later.

Indian emerging real estate cities are ranked in the semi -transparent level along with China’s Tier 1 Cities, which is the third category after highly and transparent levels in the index.

Besides, India’s Tier III cities have also improved their levels and joined the low transparent level along with Tier II and Tier III cities of China.

It added that China had exhibited maximum improvement, moving up to the semi-transparent level and is now considered more transparent than India.

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