Realty Sector in India – ‘Definitely Bullish’

While foreign capital rushes into the Indian real estate market, the long-term future of the industry lies in the hands of Indians themselves. A new, positive mindset about opportunities in India is taking shape among young people who are increasingly returning to India after studying abroad and foreign investors. The real growth story is going to be from the people themselves.

Keeping in mind India’s relatively young population — with an average age of 24 — will create continued demand for property and there is a huge supply gap. It’s definitely an under-exploited market in India, but Money can’t just be put into a place where people don’t want to work, don’t want to look at growth, or look at a better lifestyle.

The Indian real estate market is now a hot spot for global investors after new laws being enacted allowing foreigners to own 100% of real estate assets, resulting foreign real estate firms rushing into the country searching for projects and local partners.

India is attractive to  investors abroad because English is spoken in most regions as a first language and the culture is open to foreigners. You are safe.

Foreign investors probably have fewer problems with the government than a local. The government is scared of institutions and will fool around more with private individuals.

The most optimistic side of real estate in India is the prospects for residential development as millions of Indians continue to migrate to the cities. While land prices may seem to be hitting unsustainable heights to people who already live in those cities, migrants are willing to pay a premium.

Keeping in mind the current scenario real estate in India is definitely the right place for future investments.

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