Aditya Birla Retail to invest Rs10000 crore

February 01, 2008. ABRL i.e. Aditya Birla RetaiL would be investing about Rs 10000 crore in spreading its operations across the country over a period of half decade.

Main aim of ABRL is to emerge as one of the leading retail players in India. It has planning to have 1500 supermarket and 100 hypermarket stores in the next half decade. Group is also investing in backend infrastructure to develop a high-end supply chain.

Aditya Birla Retail had launched its first store in May 2007 at pune. Currently it owns about 400 supermarket stores and one hypermarket store. Its contribution in retail in south India extended to 275 stores. The company is about to set up a hypermarket in Baroda. Presently, it has only one hypermarket, which is in Mysore.

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