India Is At 3rd Position In Realty Returns

NEW YORK: There is a very well-built interest in China and India but US real estate maintains at top of the worldwide property market ventures among foreign investors, according to the annual review by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE).
There is a meaning in the findings since Washington-headquartered AFIRE always finds it directly from the horse’s mouth — nearly 200 of its members collectively hold $700 billion in cross-border real estate.
Remarkably, the resilience of the US real estate market among seasoned international investors is highlighted by the timing of the survey, performed subsequent to the credit crunch and sub-prime crisis. However, the Dominance of the US real estate market is being challenged by opportunities in Asia. It is concluded from survey that respondent planned to increase spending on global real estate by 20% in 2008, compared to 16% in US acquisitions.
India first outlined in AFIRE’s survey in 2005 and rocketed to 2nd place last year. AFIRE chief James Fetgatter said China beat India to 3rd spot this year in the rankings of countries that offer the finest prospect for capital appreciation in real estate due to creaky infrastructure.
Bangalore and Mumbai graded in the association’s top 25 global towns to invest in. New York, Washington, London, Paris and Shanghai were among the top five worldwide cities.
In the meantime, Wall Street’s Merrill Lynch touted huge real estate investment prospects in the promising markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. “The real estate sector in India has been growing at 30% over the last couple of years and the increase is supposed to continue,” it said in information published on Tuesday.

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