Realty Majors Adopt New Technologies for Affordable Housing.

To make their project affordable, real estate developers are applying new techniques everyday. For example, tunnel form technique, table form technique, fly ash technique and so on.

For instance, Red Fort Capital has developed ‘Fly ash based Cellular Light­weight Concrete, a technology that can help to save up to 10% in the construction cost for high rise structures while using eco-friendly materials. It also helps in faster construction, promoting sustainability and a healthy environment for the occupants.

Mr. G B Singh, director and founding partner, Red Fort Capital, said that it will result in cost reduction up to 15%. There is a tremendous shortage of ‘affordable housing’ in this country. Such steps could greatly benefit the real estate sector.

The use of recycled fly ash, a waste byproduct of coal combustion, is one available route in construction. Other materials that can be effectively used to construct cheap, yet durable houses include hollow concrete blocks, interlocking bricks, stabilized mud-based blocks, rubble filler blocks, concrete door and window frames and funicular (rope-like) shells.

However, despite benefits, the use of such technologies is still not a popular route among developers in India. It may cause inferior structures. Potential buyers will think about the safety, durability and resale value.

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